Football great Krishnasamy dies at 72

V Krishnasamy (back row, closest to camera) with other members of the 1972 Munich Olympics football team.

KUALA LUMPUR: V Krishnasamy, a member of Malaysia’s famous 1972 Munich Olympics football team, died at 72 last night following a long illness.

Krishnasamy, who played for the national team, Penang and Perak, spent his final years in a nursing home in Penang, struggling to keep up with his healthcare expenses.

Krishnasamy, a diabetic, had his left leg amputated at the knee. He also suffered from failing eyesight and hearing.

The retired prisons department sergeant major relied on his pension to get by as his children had family obligations of their own.

He began his career with the Penang Indian Association and Waterfall Rangers before representing the state in the Burnley Cup where he was spotted by prisons department coach Jalil Che Din.

He was selected for Perak while playing for prisons in the Taiping League.

At his peak, he was involved in the match which saw Malaysia beat the US 3-0 at the Munich Olympics.

After his football career, Krishnasamy contributed as a technical official at the Penang Amateur Athletic Association for many years.

His final rites will be held today from 11am-1pm at the Paya Terubong Funeral Parlour. This will be followed by cremation at Batu Lanchang Hindu Crematorium.