3 street foods that are perfect with a chilled Tiger

Alcohol and food is a combination as old as time, but for some reason, the attention has almost always been on wine and “higher end” dishes.

For a country like Malaysia where street food is our pride and joy, why not pair beer and street food instead?

Well, here are three dishes that go perfectly with a bottle of chilled Tiger beer.

You can’t go wrong with Satay and a Tiger.

If one of your favourite things is spending a lazy weekend night watching Netflix, then all you need is a cold Tiger Beer in one hand and some sticks of satay from a neighbourhood stall in the other.

Those slightly charred bits of chicken (or beef if you prefer) doused with a thick peanut sauce is great washed down with a Tiger beer.

Eng Ann popiah, with lard.

Besides Satay, how about Popiah? If you find yourself at Eng Ann in Klang, make a beeline for Tan Kee popiah. This version has Lap Cheong and lard, in addition to the usual Seng Kuang and lettuce.

Needless to say, a cold Tiger Beer compliments those porky bits rather well.

Aik Prawn Mee from Seapark, with a Tiger.

On the lookout for a hearty meal?Aik Prawn mee  at Seapark serves up a rather good version that’s perfect for an afternoon “snack”. And what’s better to wash down some spicy Prawn Mee than a cold beer especially on a hot afternoon?

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