Top 10 women-empowering movies of all times

In honour of women everywhere, here is a list of movies that feature some pretty amazing women.

1. Erin Brokovitch

It’s the true story of a single mom struggling to make ends meet, but who leads an investigation on how people in a small town are getting poisoned by the water supply.

The title character, played with lots of grit and gumption by Julia Roberts, wins a lawsuit and is given a full-time job at the law firm where she works.

You’ll be cheering for her till the very end.

2. Legally Blonde

On the outside, Legally Blonde looks like a cutesy movie about a wannabe lawyer who likes to wear a lot of pink, with her little dog.

But underneath that persona is a tough and smart woman named Elle Woods who excels in law school, and like Erin Brokovitch, cracks a tough case.

Most importantly, Woods is unashamedly feminine and cheerful, and ends up winning people’s hearts.

3. Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Rich Asians is a fabulous, swoon-worthy romance with not just one but several amazing female characters.

Funnily enough, the romantic aspect of the movie is almost secondary to the relationships and interactions between all the strong and determined women in the film.

From Michelle Yeoh as the steely matriarch, to Constance Wu as the ingenue, to Awkwafina as her funny and wise bestie, to Gemma Chan as the woman scorned — these women stole the movie.

4. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Michelle Yeoh is brilliant, gorgeous, and all levels of bad-butt. Characters literally fly in this movie. The fight scenes between the two female leads, Yeoh and Zhang Ziyi, were unheard of at the time and took people’s breath away. Women as action stars — yes — complete with grace, dignity, and elegance.

5. Sister Stella L

This little known but acclaimed film from the Philippines is about a young nun, Sister Stella Legazpi, played by noted Filipina actress Vilma Santos.

The film follows the young woman from her early days of political indifference, to when she gets “woke” and embraces activism, taking to the streets to protest oppression and fight poverty.

6. Suffragette

This is a deeply moving story of how women fought for the vote in England just before the First World War.

It’s family-friendly, and the younger generation will appreciate the lengths women went to so we could be allowed to vote today.

Carey Mulligan plays the young protagonist with thoughtfulness and courage. And watch out Meryl Streep’s cameo as suffragette leader Emmeline Pankhurst. Meryl elevates everything she’s in, which makes this movie doubly worth it.

7. Charlie’s Angels

This light-hearted, feel-good movie is completely empowering although it features smart, attractive, athletic women. The women all look like they’re having the time of their lives, and viewers end up enjoying the movie as well.

It’s by no means a perfect movie for budding feminists, but it’s a thoroughly enjoyable romp that will leave you with a smile (and maybe even a high kick or two).

8. Hidden Figures

We’ve heard about John Glenn, Neil Armstrong and other male astronauts, but nothing about the women who, because of their mathematical genius, got them safely on the moon. This movie isn’t just about smart women, it’s about three smart black women.

In a world that tried hard to keep them down, these women stood up.

It’s not only about smart women who are computer programmers, mathematicians and engineers. They are mothers and wives who are all too human. Except of course for their almost superhuman IQs. A powerful and inspiring movie.

9. Bend it Like Beckham

Starring a very young Parminder Nagra and Keira Knightley as working-class girls in England who love football, this movie is truly uplifting.

As a girl from a loving close-knit Indian family, Nagra has to walk a delicate balance between pleasing her family and playing the sport she’s passionate about. Plus, in the midst of it all, she falls in love with her coach.

The plot thickens when the girls’ parents are unhappy with their love for football, but all’s well that ends well and they receive scholarships to go to a US college.

10. A tie between Frida, A League of Their Own, and Thelma and Louise

These are all amazing and inspiring, in different ways. If it’s a bold and passionate artist you’re looking for, go with Frida. Salma Hayek’s turn as renowned artist Frida Kahlo is fantastic.

Want another sports movie? Watch A League of Their Own with its all-star cast, including Madonna, Geena Davis, Rosie O’Donnell and Tom Hanks.

And if it’s a true-blue gal-pal friendship movie you’re looking for, you won’t go wrong with Thelma and Louise. Geena Davis (again!) and Susan Sarandon have such obvious affection for each other, it will remind you to call your bestie ASAP.

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