5 types of waiters customers dread

The best restaurant experience can be ruined by the worst of waiters. (Rawpixel.com pic)

While it is admittedly not an easy nor a rewarding job, waiters are still the all-important face of a restaurant and the first people a customer interacts with.

While food may leave the biggest impact on one’s dining experience, encountering a waiter with a poor standard of service may result in you swearing never to return.

Almost every Malaysian has their own story of a dining experience ruined by that one waiter who forgot to key in your orders or did not even bother coming over to clear your table.

Here are the worst waiters that customers have had the displeasure of encountering:

1. The deliberately inattentive

So, you just walked into a restaurant and had to hunt around for your own seat. After all, there was no one on hand to direct you to one.

Now you find yourself waving frantically trying to get the attention of the one waiter leaning against the counter, looking into nothingness.

You get the feeling he actually saw you from the corner of his eye; after all, who can miss the full-grown adult jumping up and down like a tube man outside a car dealership?

But somehow, either because they are so tuned out or too lazy to walk in your direction, they manage to ignore your presence for an agonisingly long time.

It is only when they feel motivated enough to attend to you that you finally get the menu, but it is a whole new battle getting them to come over again to take your orders.

2. The overly attentive

The complete opposite of the inattentive waiter, this type might initially seem like a blessing as they hurriedly see you to your seat.

You’re initially impressed as they sit you down, hand you a menu, make a recommendation or two, and proceed to take your orders.

It is what happens afterwards that you realise this seemingly good service comes with a whole host of problems.

The server keeps coming around with questions on whether everything is fine. You didn’t call for them? No matter, they pop up at your table to the point that you start wondering if they are part of the dinner party.

Take one bite and they come over. Take a second and they magically appear again. By the third bite, you’ll be calling for a restraining order against them.

Incompetent waiters can be so trying you may never want to return to a restaurant again. (Rawpixel.com pic)

3. The frustratingly incompetent

This waiter is frighteningly common in many Malaysian restaurants, and almost everyone has a story to tell about missing drinks and mixed up orders.

Generally, the mistakes made by this waiter are not deliberate, and you do tend to feel a little bad for them.

After all, some restaurants have the policy of not providing their waiters with notebooks that actually make life significantly easier when it comes to taking orders.

But small mistakes like forgetting to provide your table with cutlery can give way to more alarming blunders such as forgetting to pass your order to the kitchen or your bill to the cashier.

4. The dilly-dallying dawdler

A close relative of the previous entries, this particular waiter is one that customers feel like strangling after one too many unhappy encounters.

They walk slowly, talk slowly, take orders slowly and serve the food slowly.

It’s not like you want them to tear around the restaurant, but you’d be grateful if only they turned off the slow-mo mode and got down to the business of serving you promptly.

Your blood starts to boil when you see food that’s clearly what you ordered sitting unattended on the counter, going cold.

By the end of the ordeal, just by watching them shuffle about sluggishly, you start to wonder if they are secretly three tortoises disguised as a human being.

5. The ridiculously rude

Probably the worst of the lot, this is the one person who should not be working in the service industry in the first place.

While it might be natural to be a little grumpy after a long, unforgiving day on their feet, it still does not justify a waiter treating a random customer like they are the sole cause of all the misery in the world.

You should be able to detect this bad-mannered waiter from the start, what with the fuming look they flash at you as you walk past the doors.

As they literally throw the menus down at you and bark for your drink order, it’s understandable if you feel like going to the restaurant next door instead.