Mufti: I didn’t mean DAP but all who oppose Islam


PETALING JAYA: The mufti of Pahang, Abdul Rahman Osman, has explained that he used the term “kafir harbi” to mean anyone who opposed Islam. It was not directed specifically at the DAP but at the party’s ideology, he was quoted as saying.

“I did not simply refer the term ‘kafir harbi’ to DAP, but anyone who opposes Islam. That is what I meant,” according to Sinar Harian, quoted by media. “I didn’t name any individuals, but DAP has a mentality that can be categorised as ‘kafir harbi’.

“Their thinking is clearly to try and wage war or poison the Islamic way of life from being upheld. This is what we oppose”, he reportedly said, according to Malay Mail Online.

Abdul Rahman’s original remark in the Utusan Malaysia last week had sparked accusations that he was opening the door to violence against non-Muslims.

The report had quoted him in the context of asking former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad to stop being an ally of the DAP which he said was “kafir harbi” for opposing the imposition of hudud criminal penalties. He had said it would be a “great sin” for Muslims to support the party.

His remarks caused an uproar, as “kafir harbi” can be killed for opposing the implementation of Islamic principles and going against God.

Abdul Rahman rebuffed accusations that his remark on Friday had been political in nature.

He said they were made in defence of Muslim rights and based on his religion, and cited the DAP’s objection to a PAS-sponsored attempt to provide shariah courts with wider powers to impose hudud criminal penalties.


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