PAS supporters’ wing defends action over ‘sexy posters’


PETALING JAYA: The PAS Supporters’ Wing said non-Muslims need not worry about shariah law affecting their lives, despite a non-Muslim businessman being fined by Kelantan authorities for displaying a “sexy” poster.

Speaking to FMT, the wing’s representative, Balachandran GK, argued that the action taken by enforcement officers revolved around the question of morality, which is “important in every religion”.

“We need to build a nation that has moral values. To instil such traits, there needs to be strict enforcement. We’re not playing a game here.”

He also said women should not be “sex objects” and that they should be respected instead of being used to sell products.

“This is not exclusive to Islam. I as a parent would also not want my children to see advertisements with sexy models.”

Balachandran was responding to claims by some quarters, particularly the MCA, which declared that what took place in Kelantan was proof that shariah law and hudud, which PAS wants to implement in the east coast state, would have an impact on non-Muslims.

Last July, Kota Bharu Municipal Council (KBMP) enforcement officers slapped a RM150 fine on a Chinese operator selling skincare products, after he put up an advertisement which featured a model who was shown not wearing a tudung.

In a statement earlier, MCA Religious Harmony Bureau Deputy Chairman Ng Chok Sin had condemned the Kelantan authorities, equating the fine to coercing one’s hardline religious values unto adherents of a different faith.

He also said that PAS’ claim that their religious values or hudud enactments did not affect non-Muslims showed the party’s shambolic politics.

This is not the first time the authorities in Kelantan have fined a business over its interpretation of “sexy” posters.

In July, a non-Muslim watch retailer was summoned by MPKB over two “sexy” posters, including one of actress Aishwarya Rai.

Swee Cheong Watch & Pen Co owner Lee Kum Chuan was ordered to pay RM400 before he was allowed to apply for a new permit. He was also ordered to take down the posters by Aug 1.

The outfits in the posters were deemed too sexy by the council.

Debate on the impact of hudud on the lives of non-Muslims surfaced again after PAS tabled a Private Members’ Bill to elevate the status of shariah courts, which many claim would pave the way for hudud to be implemented in Kelantan, an aim which the Islamist party has not shied away from.

PAS has claimed that the bill is meant to increase the punishment for certain shariah offences.