Defuse 1MDB ‘atomic bomb’ pleads Umno division


PETALING JAYA: An Umno divisional leader has pleaded for speedy resolution of issues such as the controversy over 1MDB which he said had hit the party “like an atomic bomb”.

Zahari Shaari, head of Shah Alam Umno, speaking at the divisional assembly today, gave a list of issues facing the party.

1MDB was top of his list. “This has hit us like an atomic bomb… Please resolve it quickly,” he said, according to Malaysiakini.

He said changes in government policies, such as that on the hiring of foreign workers, caused Umno to suffer from an impression that the government was toothless in the face of pressure.

Other issues he highlighted were the rising cost of living because of the imposition of GST and the reduction of government subsidies, the report said.

The meeting was opened by Umno Vice-President Ahmad Zahid Hamidi who is Home Minister and Deputy Prime Minister.

In March, he had announced an immediate freeze on the import of foreign workers, except domestic helpers and maids, and employers were told to recruit from the existing pool: this included those whose work permits had expired, and employers had until June 30 to regularise the workers’ papers.

Zahid’s decision came after months of controversy about plans to import 1.5 million workers from Bangladesh over five years, in which questions were raised about the role of his brother in the agreement with Bangladesh. He had then said the issue was closed.