MCA’s Ti: Opposition’s efforts may bring a one-race govt

Ti-Lian-Ker-Mahathir-Mohamad-Najib-Abdul-RazakPETALING JAYA: Mahathir Mohamad should not mislead Malaysians into thinking that Pakatan Harapan is a united front, says MCA spokesman Ti Lian Ker.

Ti, who is a MCA central committee member, was commenting on the PPBM chairman’s comments at the Pakatan Harapan convention today that the opposition alliance did not need to worry about naming a candidate to replace Prime Minister Najib Razak just yet.

“You have to account to the people what they are voting for. More importantly, who is going to be the PM and form the cabinet? Then you can say that you are voting for change,” Ti said, urging opposition parties to name a shadow cabinet as well.

“But if you are voting for an unknown, if they (opposition parties) cannot decide who the prime minister is going to be, you are voting for chaos,” Ti told FMT.

Mahathir had said naming a candidate before former opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim was released from prison would only create a split among members.

Ti argued that this inability to name a candidate for Najib’s replacement showed the inherent lack of unity among the opposition parties, all of whom had different agendas.

“This is the same as what happened with DAP and PAS. It will lead to chaos because they have different agendas just as Mahathir has always said: parties existing together but with different agendas.

“It is not fair to mislead the rakyat to believe that there is a united front, to get them to vote for a ‘united’ front that will subsequently dismantle,” Ti said.

Ti also noted that Mahathir had said today that PPBM would try to coax PAS into joining the coalition, so that there would not be three-cornered electoral contests.

“Mahathir has always been contradicting himself. He is a man of many contradictions,” Ti said.

Ti predicted that the opposition would fragment if they took power in Putrajaya, and would bring about a political leadership of Umno, PAS and PKR leaders at the top.

“It will end in a one-race government, so that they can form a front because they have the numbers. It will end up with political opportunists getting together to form a government. This is not fair to the people,” Ti said.

“It may end up with a purely Malay dominated government. So we are destroying the existing racial balance for another uncharted course leading to PAS-Umno,” Ti said.