I was sodomised when in boys’ home, claims NGO head

khairul-nurseMALACCA: The head of an NGO has come out to openly state that he was sodomised by officials when he was a resident of a boys’ home here between 1999 and 2004.

The traumatic experience has goaded Muhammad Khairul to seek justice for himself and the many boys who were allegedly sodomised by some staff members of the government-run home.

The Star reported that in 2012, Khairul lodged a police report alleging that several staff of the home had sodomised or sexually abused about 150 residents since 2004.

Khairul, who heads the Welfare and Social Organisation (Perbak), told The Star he was forced to dress as a nurse before being sexually assaulted by a staff member.

“I am no longer embarrassed to state that I was sodomised, and three others shared the same fate as me,” he added.

According to Khairul, one of the victims is now a transvestite involved in the flesh trade in Ipoh.

The ordeal that he went through steeled him to fight for the rights of the former and current residents of the home, he said.

“These poor boys kept all this to themselves as their reports to the management of the home were shot down for lack of evidence, except for a couple of cases that got their attention,” he said.

He said he faced numerous obstacles, including being called a liar, when he tried to expose the alleged goings-on at the boys’ home.

“Some people even chided me for fabricating stories and attempting to smear the Welfare Department, but what man in a proper frame of mind would openly state that he was a sodomy victim?” The Star quoted him as saying.

Finally, after five years of painstakingly collecting evidence, Khairul managed to convince “someone powerful” in Putrajaya to listen to him.

Khairul said he had a meeting with the state Welfare Department on Tuesday and was told that some of those implicated in abusing the orphans had been transferred out.

Khairul said he would lodge a police report in Putrajaya on Friday.

“A press conference will be held in Putrajaya to detail previous cases that have not been exposed. I will now hand it over to the authorities to pursue and identify those culprits who have managed to evade punishment for years,” he added.

A story in The Star on March 14 said two residents, aged 13 and 16, had been warded at the Malacca Hospital after they were reportedly assaulted by the warden at the home for allegedly commiting theft and smoking.