Shabudin mulls suing dailies for ‘spinning’ his rapist remarks

shabudin-kawin-mudaBUTTERWORTH: Tasek Gelugor MP Shabudin Yahaya is considering suing media outlets that, he says, spun his “well-intentioned comments” during the debate on the Sexual Offences Against Children Bill at the Dewan Rakyat earlier this week.

“If you look at the Hansard and the video of my speech, and compare (that) to what was published by the newspapers… it is clearly misleading.

“It is thanks to short stories quoting only the sensational bits – and the words ‘MP Tasek Gelugor says OK to raping’ – this is a very irresponsible sentence,” he said, adding that this had led to the confusion.

He said he would like to tell such reporters not to write falsehoods and to have ethics.

“I will look at all facts, and will decide if I want to sue the newspaper and its reporter,” Shabudin said, without identifying the daily and reporter to which he was referring.

He was speaking to reporters after attending Penang TNB’s Projek Mesra Rakyat programme at Pokok Machang, Tasek Gelugor, here this morning.

He explained that what he meant by “rapists can marry” was that those who had consensual sex below the statutory age limit of 16 could get married under state Islamic law provisions.

Shabudin denied he had said that 9-year-old girls could be forcibly married to their “rapists”.

Shabudin explained that in Islam, girls who had reached puberty could be married, but never against their will.

On yesterday’s protests demanding that he resign, Shabudin said it was laughable as those protesting were mostly politicians.

“These are people who claim to be experts in Islamic law but who are not, and also those who are Muslims who do not understand Islamic law,” he said.

About 50 protesters in Tasek Gelugor had gathered yesterday to demand that their MP resign or be relieved of all positions over his contentious rape-then-marry statements in Parliament.