Excuse me, that’s my burial plot


PETALING JAYA: Most people have experienced entering a movie cinema and finding someone in their seat, but Peter Kok faces a dilemma of entirely different proportions: two strangers have been buried in plots bought and reserved for his family members.

“One of my aunts visited our family graves during All Souls Day in 2014 and was shocked to find two strangers buried on our plot of land,” he said in a report in The Star.

Kok said he had gone to the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) to check how this could have happened, as the burial plots at the Christian cemetery in Cheras had been bought and paid for by his father in 1954.

According to the report, Kok, together with MCA Legal Bureau head Ng Kian Nam, had also written to DBKL three months ago, asking for the matter to be resolved. However, Ng said they had yet to receive any official reply.

Kok, 65, said he wanted the two new graves relocated.

“I cannot compromise on this as I must respect my father’s wishes. My father had bought the plots with hope that his family members be buried together in the same place,” ,” Kok was quoted as saying by The Star.