Rewcastle-Brown: I’m not behind Rosmah stalking but what’s new


KUALA LUMPUR: London-based journalist Clare Rewcastle-Brown said she was not surprised that the prime minister’s wife Rosmah Mansor had been targeted by several journalists and photographers yesterday, but denied she was behind the incident.

“I was not involved in any way with the filming of Rosmah in London, although I am surprised that she considers it her right not to be an object of news interest,” the Sarawak Report editor told FMT.

She said the attention on Rosmah was only natural.

A video on YouTube uploaded by blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin showed several reporters stalking Rosmah, currently in the UK together with a group of teachers and students under her Permata early education programme. The delegation is also joined by two ministers.

The video showed one of the journalists sarcastically telling Rosmah’s officers: “Welcome to London… What is it like working with one of the world’s biggest criminals?”

Last night, Communication and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak said reporters from Sarawak Report had shouted “slanderous allegations” at Rosmah, saying their action smacked of “absolute lack of decorum and manners”.

But Rewcastle-Brown said Salleh should not rely on blogger Raja Petra for information, “especially on the subject of Rosmah”.

She also took Salleh to task for claiming that Sarawak Report had yet to reveal their source of their funds.

“The comment that you reported, about Sarawak Report not filing its accounts, is false, as Salleh can check easily online.

“So, perhaps he should concentrate on the still un-presented 2015 1MDB accounts,” she said, referring to the finance ministery-owned company.

“(Maybe) that is why the film crew was following her in London,” she added.