Uncontrolled logging causing mud floods, says Galas rep


GUA MUSANG: Uncontrolled logging activities to open up land for farming in Gua Musang have been identified as a major cause of frequent mud floods occurring in the district.

Galas assemblyman Ab Aziz Yusof said the logging activities had resulted in the erosion of the hill slopes.

“Previously, the Gua Musang-Lojing road had never been hit by a mud flood but yesterday, it happened, forcing the road to be closed for hours.

“We are worried that an untoward incident may happen in future if the state government does not act seriously on this mud flood problem,” he told reporters after viewing the affected area today.

Aziz said the situation of the Orang Asli at a number of settlements, particularly in Kampung Jedip at Pos Brooke here, was no longer safe, especially if it rained heavily for more than five hours.

“Continuous rain will cause the water level in the rivers to rise fast due to the absence of buffer zones after the hills have been stripped bare for agriculture purposes.

“I have raised this matter several times, especially during the state assembly sittings, but until now, there has been no concrete solution implemented by the state government to resolve this problem,” he said.