PAS ‘disgusted’ at DAP leaders breaking fast with Muslims


PETALING JAYA: PAS today is no longer the way it was before when the Islamist party was the proponent of the dakwah concept that calls for Muslims to approach others with the view of spreading the knowledge of Islam.

This was what Islamic scholar and PKR Youth leader Wan Ji Wan Hussin told Malaysiakini, in response to a Facebook post by Gombak PAS chief Salehhuddin Nasir.

Salehhuddin yesterday said he was disgusted at the sight of DAP leaders breaking fast with Muslims.

“At other times, they hold alcohol parties and masturbation fests. To the Muslims, Allah has said ‘for you is your religion, for me is my religion’.

“Sorry, I don’t need the views of the Sufist here. DAP is the enemy of Islam. Amanah and PKR are DAP’s lackeys,” he wrote in the post.

Wan Ji, speaking to Malaysiakini, said Salehhuddin through his writing has displayed how PAS’ approach towards the non-Muslims has changed.

“Before, the PAS president said non-Muslims have the right to reject hudud and they are not compelled to follow Islamic teachings.

“Today, there are PAS leaders who accuse Muslims of being anti-Islam for disagreeing with PAS,” he said, as quoted by the portal.

But he added that those who disagree with the party are not in fact against Islam as PAS is “just an organisation” that is not a representative of Islam.

Amanah Youth vice-chief Shazni Munir Mohd Ithnin, on the other hand, told the portal that such remarks should be forgiven, especially as it is the month of Ramadan.

He also said that grassroots PAS leaders felt it is okay to make such statements as no action has been taken against others who have done the same.

“No action was taken against the mid-level leaders who said those who oppose the amendments to the Syariah Court (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act (Act 355) should be buried in a jirat (Northern Malay slang for Chinese cemetery). This makes it worse.”

Shazni was referring to a recent viral video where a PAS member in Kedah said those against the proposed amendments to Act 355 should be buried in a jirat.

Salehhuddin’s post came just days after NGO Jaringan Muslimin Pulau Pinang (JMPP) urged Muslims to bar Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng from attending buka puasa events this Ramadan.