Zunar to organise cartoon exhibition in Penang


PETALING JAYA: Cartoonist Zunar will organise an exhibition in Penang this Sunday, his first such event after he was forced to cancel a similar exhibition following an attack by a mob last year.

“Just because there are thugs around, it doesn’t mean you need to stop doing your job,” Zunar, whose real name is Zulkiflee Anwar Ulhaque, said in a statement.

In the incident in November, the cartoonist was surrounded by some 30 people who threatened him and demanded that he take down his artworks which they claimed were offensive as it depicted the prime minister and other national leaders in a bad light.

It later emerged that those who had confronted him were from Umno.

Following the commotion, the award-winning cartoonist cancelled the exhibition for security reasons.

But this has not deterred Zunar, who is known for his satirical take on Prime Minister Najib Razak’s administration.

He is determined to get his message across and insists that he is not out to stir up trouble.

Zunar said the exhibition, which will showcase 50 cartoons along Beach Street, is meant to create awareness about corruption, specifically the controversy surrounding 1MDB.

“It is the duty of a cartoonist to provide such information through cartoons. Talent is not a gift, it is a responsibility.”

When asked if he could be arrested again, Zunar – who was detained under the Sedition Act and for breaching the peace under the Penal Code a day after the fracas last year – said it did not cross his mind.

“I just focus on what I’m supposed to do. I choose not to think about what the police or the government want to do.”