Hindraf: Wrong to say Najib ‘father of development for Indians’

Waythamoorthy-najibPETALING JAYA: Indian rights group Hindraf says it is wrong to claim Prime Minister Najib Razak is the father of development for the Indian community.

Hindraf chairman P Waythamoorthy said the claim made at the MIC annual general meeting today was “laughable”.

He said Najib had developed “mini-Napoleons within the MIC leadership to continue to plunder the community further”.

He alleged that the Najib government was trying to “hoodwink the Indian community”.

He claimed that, together with MIC, the government had revived a “micro duplicate Hindraf blueprint” under the guise of the Malaysian Indian blueprint in April 2017.

“After almost 10 years since Najib started, we are back to square one, without any permanent long-term solution for the Indian community to be on a par with national development,” he said in a statement issued today.

He recalled that after the 2008 general election, Najib, as deputy PM, had chaired the newly-established Cabinet Committee on Indian Concerns. When he became PM, he formed the Special Implementation Taskforce in 2010.

“The PM is well known for planning and creating new units.

“However, there is always no implementation or it is handed down to the same old guards who have been looting the Indian community for the last 60 years.”

He said all these units were ad hoc in nature and had no formal standing with the planning departments of the government, even though they were under the PM’s Department.

“It was obvious all these units, committees and task forces were ineffective.”

Waytha said before GE13, Najib had no choice but to sign the MoU with Hindraf to step in with its blueprint, which was a comprehensive and permanent solution to remedy past race-based grievances and needs of the Indian underclass.

“The Indian public, having faith in the representation of Hindraf swung back with at least 25% Indian votes in the semi-rural and rural areas, contributing to at least 15 parliamentary seats for BN in GE13.”

Waytha said only after eight months, did Hindraf realise that the BN government under Najib was back to its same old antics. Hindraf then cut ties with the government for its “failed promises and pledges to the Indian community”.

Hindraf have recently been in discussions with Pakatan Harapan and have shown support for the opposition coalition,

There is speculation that Hindraf may become PH’s fifth component or an affiliate of it.