Vell Paari: MIC branch chairman quit over alleged underage sex

S-Vell-Paari-underage-sexPETALING JAYA: An MIC branch leader has quit the party over allegations he sought sexual favours from underaged girls, the party said.

According to MIC treasurer-general S Vell Paari, a voice recording sent to him revealed how the man had tried to convince a mother to allow her daughter to engage in sex in return for job opportunities.

“What is frightening is that in his conversation, he admits to having sex with four young girls studying for the SPM.

“From the voice note that I heard, it is very clear that he was not drunk and was of sound mind when talking to the mother of his next targeted victim,” he said in a statement.

Vell Paari added that he took the issue personally, as he had a daughter.

“He even boldly said that one of the victims had only recently turned 18. It is evident that he is a sexual predator and is targeting underage girls for his own pleasure.

“As a father to a young daughter, I cannot find it in me to forgive this guy,” Vell Paari said.

He said that the man’s resignation from the party is also not tantamount to being a “get out of jail” card.

“I have informed the Sentul district police chief that on my return from an overseas trip, I will make a police report and provide the police with all the evidence, especially the video where he admitted to what he has done.”

Meanwhile, Vell Paari urged members of the public who have heard the audio clip to also lodge a police report against the former MIC branch chairman.

“They (underage girls) need to be rescued and this guy must be taken off the streets.

“It’s clear that he is a compulsive sexual predator and is targeting young and desperate girls as his victims,” Vell Paari said.