Warisan to woo former Parti Cinta Sabah leaders

Warisan veep Junz Wong says he will contact the eight leaders once they have had time to recover from their decision. (Facebook pic)

KOTA KINABALU: Although shocked by the departure of eight Supreme Council members from Parti Cinta Sabah (PCS), Parti Warisan Sabah (Warisan) vice-president Junz Wong is happy that people are breaking away from race-based politics.

Speaking to FMT today, Wong called the eight “heroes” for rejecting what he called a divisive political ideology that segregates people politically based on their race and, sometimes, religion.

He added that he wants to persuade them to join Warisan.

“I was told that these eight people are not going to join any party for now. That shows they truly want change for Sabah and a new political scenario for Sabah,” he said.

Warisan, he said, would try to get all eight onboard, as one of the reasons they had given for leaving was that PCS had deviated from its original ideology of being a multiracial party.

If that was what they really wanted, he said, Warisan was the best party to join because it was multiracial and had the same objective of changing the government.

“I will surely contact them, but right now I want to give them a bit of time to recover from this heavy decision.”

The eight PCS leaders announced their departure from the party yesterday, citing ideological differences and concerns over the party’s choice of allies for the coming election.

The exodus, led by PCS deputy president Paul Voon, included two other PCS deputy presidents: Nicholas James Guntobon and Richard Gunting.

The party’s vice-president and Youth chief Hasmin Azroy Abdullah, information chief Ramdi Indang and Supreme Council members Melvin Jaikul, Lai Yun Thiam and Pinus Gondili also left.

Wong denied allegations by other opposition parties, including PCS, that Warisan had been trying to buy over their leaders and members.

Many of these allegations, he said, had been around ever since Warisan was re-registered.

“They said Warisan gives money to entice leaders to join its ranks, lucky draws to people who attend our functions and many other allegations. But all of these have turned out to be nothing but slander.”

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