Selangor exco: Some developers delaying affordable homes

Selangor exco Iskandar Abdul Samad says new conditions imposed by state government to protect interests of house buyers. (Facebook pic)

PETALING JAYA: Many of the affordable houses approved during BN’s rule in Selangor have not been built till this day, Selangor state executive councillor Iskandar Abdul Samad alleged today.

He said the BN state government then had allowed developers to build their normal-priced houses before building the low cost and affordable portion of their housing schemes.

As a result, the developers had delayed building the affordable portion of their housing schemes.

Iskandar said some developers had even asked if they could forego building the affordable homes.

As a result, when the PKR-led government took office, it imposed the “odd conditions” to ensure the developers did not shirk their responsibilities, Iskandar said.

He said these housing conditions were imposed by the state to safeguard the welfare of the people.

Commenting on a statement by Prime Minister Najib Razak on Saturday that “odd housing requirements” imposed by Penang and Selangor had resulted in additional costs for house buyers and developers, Iskandar said the conditions would only be odd to those who did not care about the people.

While saying he was not sure what conditions the prime minister was referring to, Iskandar, who is in charge of Selangor’s housing, building management and urban living, believed Najib was referring to the ruling requiring developers to build affordable homes before or at the same time as their normal-priced houses.

“The state government has imposed this ruling to ensure developers do not delay building the affordable homes to years later after completing their normal-priced houses,” he said in a statement.

Iskandar said as for the Perbadanan PR1MA Malaysia (PR1MA) housing projects, the Selangor government required part of the projects to be set aside for Rumah Selangorku homes, priced below RM250,000 per unit.

He said the percentage of the Rumah Selangorku project would depend on the size and location of the overall project but it would be between 20% and 40%.

“This ‘odd condition’ is to ensure that the people can afford to own houses because PR1MA homes cost between RM300,000 and RM400,000,” he added.

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng had also responded to Najib’s criticism and defended a ruling by the state government requiring house buyers to be registered voters in Penang before they are able to own affordable homes.

Lim had said the state government needed to take care of Penangites first.

“Najib asked how can we make it compulsory for all house buyers to be voters in Penang. We put down such a requirement because we want to ensure each buyer is a Penangite.

“What is wrong with that (such a policy)?” Lim had said earlier today.

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