Taiwan demands urgent action to nab KL snatch-thief

PETALING JAYA: The Taiwanese government are applying pressure on Malaysia to ensure that local police find the man who tried to rob a Taiwanese woman in Kuala Lumpur, causing her to suffer serious head injuries.

A report by Taiwan’s state-owned news agency quoted a spokesman for Taiwan’s foreign affairs ministry as saying that its representative office in KL has demanded that Malaysian police conclude its investigations without any delay.

A man on a motorcycle was reported to have tried to snatch the woman’s bag, causing her to fall on the pavement and hit her head on the curb while making her way from the Islamic Arts Museum at Jalan Perdana to the National Mosque just before noon on Wednesday.

Taiwan’s Central News Agency said the woman, Liu Ling, 55, suffered severe cerebral hemorrhage and underwent an emergency operation on Wednesday. Her family arrived in KL the next day.

Liu, who was travelling alone since arriving in the country on April 15, has remained unconscious since the incident and is now on life-support at Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

Forensic investigators have been trying to identify the culprit through CCTV recordings, Dang Wangi police chief Shaharuddin Abdullah was reported as saying.

“Security video showed a motorcyclist making a U-turn and riding on the pavement to approach the victim from behind. He tried to snatch her bag, but failed as she had it slung around her body, and then fled the scene,” he said.

Shaharuddin was also reported to have said that the images of the suspect and licence plate of the motorcycle captured on surveillance cameras were taken from a distance and are blurry.

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