Shafie pledges RM100mil youth plan and land reform

Shafie Apdal is confident Parti Warisan Sabah can meet its promises. (Facebook pic)

KOTA KINABALU: Parti Warisan Sabah launched its 13-point manifesto today, vowing to overhaul the state civil service, defend the state’s rights and reform state laws.

Warisan president Shafie Apdal said he was confident that all the promises in the manifesto could be fulfilled.

The manifesto, dubbed “Pilihan Rakyat Untuk Rakyat”, contains 13 core areas, which are divided into four components:

* state rights and law reform,

* addressing weaknesses in the government,

* human and economic development, and

* upgrading and strengthening of the state civil service.

“This will become the (new) state government’s main agenda should we win the general election on May 9,” he said.

The manifesto promises to protect freedom of religion and the freedom to practise indigenous languages and customs. As with all other parties, Warisan Sabah also pledged to uphold and implement the Malaysia Agreement of 1963.

Shafie said Warisan will also ensure the oil royalty due to the state is increased from the current 5% to at least 20%, aside from reviewing the role of Felda in the state and the removal of the cabotage policy.

Following in the footsteps of neighbouring Sarawak, Warisan said it will also recognise the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) issued by national Chinese secondary schools in Sabah.

On land issues, Warisan said it will abolish the “communal title” and replace it with individual or family titles and in the process, reform the Land and Survey Department to be more effective in processing the people’s land applications.

Warisan will also look into the issue of senior civil servants being given service extensions beyond retirement age, which has brought complaints that it blocked others from rising through the ranks.

The party also promises to provide a RM100 million annual fund to help youths interested in entrepreneurship and ensure there is a 20% quota for youths and women in committees responsible to create local policies.

More than 3,000 people attended the event where Shafie also announced the party’s candidates in 17 federal seats and 45 state seats.

Shafie, a former rural and regional development minister, will be defending Semporna parliamentary seat and also contest a state seat, with a view to possibly becoming the next Sabah chief minister. He will take on his cousin Nasir Sakaran in Senallang.

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