No more ‘kopi-o’ licences, says Loke

PUTRAJAYA: Transport Minister Anthony Loke today warned driving institutes against corrupt practices, saying “lesen kopi-o” and “lesen terbang” will be a thing of the past.

“There will be no more paying for your licences to be approved, in what some driving institutes call ‘pakej sampai lulus’ (guaranteed pass packages),” he said in a press conference at his ministry.

“I do not want to hear the culture of ‘pau kau tim’ here. There will be no more ‘pau’ for anything,” he added, using the Cantonese phrase for “guaranteed to settle”.

Loke also said instructors would no longer be able to charge hidden costs as they would risk losing their business licences.

“All expenses other than the cost of a driving licence, for instance, RM1,150 for Class D, need to be itemised and billed in detail.

“We take this seriously, and we will come up with a better system based on integrity,” he added.

In order to achieve this, he said, the ministry would replace the current manual system for practical circuit driving tests with an automated system.

“The way forward is through automation and without human intervention.

“We will have a pilot project on automation by the end of this year, and once it is done, everything on the circuit will be computerised and monitored from a control room.

“We will also look into fixing dashboard cameras in cars for road examinations,” he said, adding that the cost of doing this would be borne by the individual institutes.

He said the camera system would give driving students a chance to appeal if they felt they had been unfairly failed by their instructors.