Training firms slam human resources fund at forum

Training providers vented their frustration with the Human Resources Development Fund on Human Resources Minister M Kulasegaran at an open meeting Thursday. (Facebook pic)

KUALA LUMPUR: Professional trainers let fly during a three-hour townhall meeting with Human Resources Minister M Kulasegaran today, giving vent to years of frustration in dealing with the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF).

One professional trainer brought up an apparent conflict of interest in the case of a board member who also provided training services while another trainer accused the HRDF of being unresponsive to complaints and queries.

Kulasegaran said the human resources ministry would set up an independent mechanism to look into the problems raised.

One of the participants at the session with the human resources minister.

“Your anger and disappointment is heard. We will get the best people to manage it. There is no doubt about that,” he told them.

The HRDF provides funds for companies to provide training and skills development of their employees through firms accredited as training providers.

Kulasegaran assured those at the townhall meeting that action would be taken against any board members who might have abused their powers.

One training provider urged the ministry to publish names of those who had won tenders.

There was also a complaint about ratings of training providers by HRDF, with some training providers claiming that there were no criteria given about how training providers were rated.

Ranjit Singh Malhi, a training provider, said the ministry must set up a council run by professional trainers to look at upgrading the profession.

Another participant, who identified himself as Naren, urged HRDF to create a platform for training providers to communicate with the fund.

“We don’t get replies when we ask about the latest trends of training needed, for instance on manufacturers,” he said.

The allegation about the HRDF board member was raised by a training provider, who gave his name as Ganesh, who feared that the board member’s activities might reduce the opportunities for training firms.

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