Time to focus on re-building Umno, says Mohamad Hasan

Mohamad Hasan urges Umno members to choose leaders who are good, humble and with indisputable integrity.

SEREMBAN: Umno members must now focus on rebuilding the party as the responsibility of running the country is no longer on its shoulders, said Negeri Sembilan Umno liaison committee chairman Mohamad Hasan.

Mohamad said the problems within Umno caused by negative issues and lies were now all over.

“Umno is now no longer burdened with the huge responsibility of running the country. As this has been taken away, it gives us the benefit of being able to focus on rebuilding the party.

“As there are no longer any sensitive issues connected to Umno, which caused us to lose in the recent 14th general election, our bad days are over.

“We can now look forward to better times,” he said at a press conference held after the Aidilfitri celebrations and an introductory session for candidates in the 2018-2021 Umno elections here today.

Also present was Umno acting president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

Mohamad said the choice of leaders was the most important element in the process of rebuilding Umno and it should be carefully carried out in order to get candidates with credibility.

“In the process of choosing a candidate, first look at his character.

“He must be a good, humble person with indisputable integrity.

“Secondly, look at how intelligent he is. It is pointless if he is intelligent but tries to sell off the country.

“Do not choose on the basis of friendship. Umno members must look at a candidate to find out if he is truly eligible to be chosen to run Umno,” he said.

Mohamad stressed that even though Umno was now the opposition, it would continue its work of defending the Malay race, including the sovereignty of the royal institution.

He said he was optimistic that Umno would be revived for the 15th general election and returned as the federal government when there are no longer any negative issues connected to it.

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