Child marriage: Narathiwat religious council says no permission given

The ‘nikah’ (marriage) ceremony of Che Abdul Karim and the 11-year-old girl in Narathiwat.

NARATHIWAT: The marriage between an 11-year-old girl and a 41-year-old man, which was viralled on social media recently, although conducted in Narathiwat, was carried out without the permission of the Islamic religious council there.

Narathiwat Islamic Religious Council president Safei Cheklah said the couple were married by an imam in Kampung Padang Nyor, Mukim Munok, Sungai Golok, in Narathiwat.

“They were married by the imam without permission from the council,” he said after a meeting to discuss the marriage.

He said the girl was given away for marriage by her biological father. Both the girl’s parents are said to be Thai citizens.

According to Shafei, the marriage was not wrong in terms of shariah law, but an offence according to Malaysian civil law.