MPs riled up over ‘Malay land’ remark by BN’s Tajuddin

Tajuddin Abdul Rahman says DAP has an agenda that is unfair to all races. (Youtube screengrab)

KUALA LUMPUR: There was a tense moment in the Dewan Rakyat today after Barisan Nasional’s Tajuddin Abdul Rahman accused DAP of not being fair to all races, saying the party supported the “Malaysian Malaysia” concept, a motto used in the 1960s by those opposed to affirmative action favouring the Malays.

“That is not fairness. We (BN) help those who need help… Indians, Malays, Chinese and others. There is no racism,” said the Pasir Salak MP in the Dewan Rakyat today.

Pakatan Harapan’s Kota Melaka MP Khoo Poay Tiong then stood up in protest, saying DAP’s struggle was about defending the rights of all communities.

To this, Tajuddin replied: “Don’t just talk, you are saying something different than what is in your heart. We know your agenda.”

Khoo then said Tajuddin should study history, to which the Umno leader said that history would show that the country belonged to Malays.

“You talk about history, but this is Malay land, you know,” he said.

The argument continued as Willie Mongin (PH-Puncak Borneo) joined the fray.

“This is Malaysian land, not Malay land,” Mongin said.

Deputy Speaker Rashid Hasnon later urged Khoo and Mongin not to interrupt Tajuddin.