Khalid Samad sues activist over ‘organising’ gay festival claim

KUALA LUMPUR: Federal Territories Minister Khalid Samad has filed a lawsuit against a Muslim rights group activist for claiming he “organised” a gay festival in the city centre.

This lawsuit was filed despite activist Wan Asshima Kamaruddin removing her alleged statement on a Facebook video and apologising to Khalid.

The minister, in his defamation suit dated Sept 13, claimed Asshima had issued her statement without verifying the facts.

“In her Facebook statement on Aug 18, she said I had violated the rights of Muslims when I called and approved the gay festival, and it implied that I am a person who acknowledges LGBT rights in Malaysia.

“Her statement was done in bad faith, with the intention to cause the public, especially the Muslim community, to hate me,” Khalid said.

He is seeking an apology from Asshima and damages in the lawsuit.

Asshima, in her deleted video, had alleged that Khalid had approved the gay festival in August, where the LGBT community “will gather to celebrate the victory” as the festival had been given the green light.

“YB (Khalid) may be proud with the LGBT group but to me and Gerakan Muslimah Islam Malaysia, we will continue our fight against them,” she had said.

Previously, Khalid’s officer Zulhazmi Shariff had lodged a police report against Asshima.

The minister had previously said he would proceed with the suit despite Asshima’s apology as, he said, her apology was not sincere and that she did not show any remorse.