Johor ruler demands speedy action against those who dumped chemical waste

The chemical dumped in the Kim Kim river in Pasir Gudang had caused many students at two schools nearby to be rushed to hospital. (Bernama pic)

JOHOR BAHRU: Johor ruler Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar today ordered an investigation on the dumping of chemical waste in Kim Kim river near Pasir Gudang after 260 people fell ill after inhaling toxic fumes from the effluents.

The sultan wants the authorities to take fast action against the culprits.

“As a result of this irresponsible act, hundreds of people, including students, had to be rushed to hospital. In fact, some are fighting for their lives in the intensive care unit.

“These are my people and I will not let this continue.

“I urge all government authorities to quickly arrest and penalise these offenders,” the ruler said in a statement issued by the Royal Press Office and uploaded onto his Facebook account.

He expressed appreciation for the medical teams which had been working tirelessly to treat the people admitted to the Sultan Ismail Hospital.

The toxic gas victims had difficulty breathing, felt nauseous and vomited after inhaling methane fumes from the chemical waste in the river.

Two schools near the river have been closed since last Thursday. The students fell ill and had to be admitted to hospital.

The sultan advised Johoreans, especially residents near the vicinity of the incident, to exercise caution at all times and immediately seek treatment if they felt unwell.

“The schools should not be reopened because the situation is unsafe for students and teachers,” he said.