Najib reminds Guan Eng of ‘MACC tunnel probe papers’

Documents were purportedly leaked from an MACC investigation into Penang’s undersea tunnel project.

PETALING JAYA: Former premier Najib Razak has mocked Lim Guan Eng’s refusal to comment on the Penang undersea tunnel project and reminded the finance minister about recently published documents that purportedly implicated Lim in corruption.

Lim had said that he did not need to respond to Najib’s earlier remarks because a PAS politician had already issued an apology over a slanderous statement made on the matter.

However Najib said in a Facebook posting today that he found Lim’s excuse amusing. He said PAS information chief Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi had issued an apology in 2016, while Lim had been named in documents purportedly leaked from an investigation last year by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.

“Does Guan Eng really believe that if an individual apologises (over a claim) that there is no longer a scandal or there are no elements of corruption?” Najib wrote.

Lim, then chief minister of Penang, had sued Nasrudin for slander over a Facebook post claiming that the contractors for the undersea tunnel project were hired via direct negotiations.

The suit was dropped after Nasruddin agreed to retract his statement.

Earlier today, Lim hit out at Najib for refusing to give answers about the sale of the Malaysian consulate building in Hong Kong and instead demanding that Lim answer “unsubstantiated allegations related to previous issues”.

Lim said the undersea tunnel project to be undertaken by the Penang state government was not a problem as it had been awarded through an open tender.

Najib said that there was no longer any need for Lim to address the undersea tunnel project as the authorities – MACC, police and the Attorney-General’s Chambers – would need to confirm if the documents published by Malaysia Today were authentic.

The documents had implicated Lim and several Penang state executive councillors.

Najib said the authorities should reveal the contents of the police report lodged by the MACC about the documents and also explain why the case had not been taken to court although that the investigation papers had been submitted to the AGC.

“The documents were leaked two months ago, yet the government and agencies are keeping mum,” Najib said.