Court finds lawyer Arun guilty of contempt over articles

PUTRAJAYA: Lawyer Arunachalam Kasi, better known as Arun Kasi, who wrote two articles critical of a court judgment in February, has been found guilty of scandalising the court.

Ramly Ali, who chaired a five-member Federal Court bench, said Attorney-General Tommy Thomas had proved his case beyond reasonable doubt against Arun.

“In our view, on an objective assessment, his statements scandalised the court and undermined the judiciary,” said Ramly who delivered the judgment today.

The bench has reserved sentencing pending mitigaton by Arun’s counsel.

He said the articles by Arun published on the Aliran current affairs website were directed to the judiciary.

On March 28, Thomas submitted that Arun was clearly referring to three Federal Court judges when he wrote the two articles under the headlines “How a dissenting judgment sparked a major judicial crisis” on Feb 16 and “Tommy Thomas must look into arbitration centre that sparked judicial crisis” on Feb 22.

The articles were about the now-famous affidavit by Court of Appeal Judge, Abdul Hamid Abu Backer detailing alleged judicial misconduct.

Thomas, who obtained leave from the Federal Court to initiate contempt proceedings against Arun, said the lawyer was repeatedly referring to “the court” in highlighting five anomalies said to have been committed by the apex court bench on Nov 7.

The AG said by lodging a report with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, Arun was insinuating that the judges were corrupt.