Blission wasn’t involved in Sandakan by-election, says Sabah PKR Youth

Sabah PKR deputy youth chief Blission Zainuddin. (Facebook pic)

KENINGAU: Sabah PKR Youth denied the allegation made by its deputy youth chief Blission Zainuddin that he was part of the election machinery during the Sandakan by-election last month.

Speaking to FMT when contacted today, Sabah PKR Youth information chief Razeef Rakiman said Blission was not involved in the by-election and the logistics management of Pakatan Harapan or PKR leaders.

“All these tasks were handled personally by Sabah PKR Youth chief Raymond Ahuar, assisted by national youth executive council member Kamis Burhan and Kalabakan PKR Youth chief Asis Bakri.

“To my recollection, Blission was only in Sandakan for two days and spent most of his time in Kota Kinabalu on business before going back to Lahad Datu.”

Razeef said this when commenting on Blission’s statutory declaration that he was badgered for details on Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali’s programmes by Haziq Aziz.

Haziq, who is private secretary to Deputy Primary Industries Minister Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin, has admitted that he was one of two men filmed engaging in homosexual acts at Four Points hotel in Sandakan last month.

Razeef Rakiman.

He said the videos, which he claimed were recorded without his permission, were taken on May 11 at the hotel during the recent by-election there.

Haziq also claimed the other man in the video was Azmin. The minister has strongly denied this and has threatened to sue.

Police have started investigating the case and have questioned several people, including Haziq and Shamsul.

Razeef said Blission had come to Sandakan for a short time to meet Haziq at the Four Points hotel.

He said Blission had contacted him earlier on Friday morning through WhatsApp to say he was in Kuala Lumpur after he was summoned by Azmin to hold a press conference.

He said Blission also contacted him to claim that the videos were planned by a certain deputy minister who believed he was on the way out and blamed Azmin for it.

“Judging from this, I would say that Blission is ignorant about issues but has acted as if he knows everything,” he said.

Razeef also said he found it strange that Blission had suddenly dragged in PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli into the issue, especially when Rafizi’s name was never mentioned even by Azmin’s supporters.

He said it was obvious that Blission had a hidden agenda in making his statement, not only against Rafizi but also PKR president Anwar Ibrahim.

Razeef said Blission’s claim that Haziq was close to Rafizi’s camp during the party election was baseless. His statement also gave the negative perception that Anwar had not taken stern action against Haziq.

“It is public knowledge that Rafizi was one of several individuals who questioned and objected to Haziq’s candidacy during party elections because Haziq had left the party before the 14th general election to help a BN candidate.

“In fact, during the party election, Haziq supported Najwan Halimi’s team, who was in Azmin’s camp. So, since when was Haziq in the ‘Reformasi 20 Tahun’ team?” he asked.