NUJ condemns death threat against NSTP reporter

File pic.

PETALING JAYA: The National Union of Journalists Malaysia (NUJ) has condemned a death threat made via email yesterday to a journalist with the New Straits Times Press.

NUJ secretary-general Chin Sung Chew said the culprit must be investigated and brought to justice immediately by the police.

The journalist has filed a police report. Chin did not name the journalist but it is believed the threat was made to a reporter with the Berita Harian newspaper, part of NSTP group.

Chin said anyone not happy or satisfied with published news had the right to file a complaint through proper channels instead of resorting to “such a heinous act”.

He said: “A journalist has his or her right to pursue the truth in reporting as long as it is based on facts. No one can hinder them from doing so by taking the law into their own hands.”

He said the NUJ urges its members and journalists not to tolerate any form of verbal or written threat and to immediately report it to the authorities. “NUJ is very concerned over this incident and will continue monitoring the situation for the safety of journalists,” he said.