SAPP plans ‘Black Sunday’ protest against temporary passes for illegals

SAPP says the state government should help the Philippine embassy issue proper papers to its citizens staying illegally in Sabah. (Bernama pic)

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) will be organising a “Black Sunday” peaceful protest on Dec 15 to oppose Putrajaya’s plan to implement the Temporary Sabah Card (PSS) for immigrants in the state.

The party’s youth chief, Jamain Sarudin, said SAPP believed the issuance of the PSS is a bid by the present government to recognise the presence of illegal immigrants in the state.

“Even in Peninsular Malaysia, no such pass has been issued. Instead, the authorities there continue to hunt, detain and repatriate illegal immigrants.

“Recently, the Immigration Department in West Malaysia also introduced the ‘Back for Good’ (B4G) campaign to give room for these illegal immigrants to return to their countries voluntarily after paying a fine.

“They also allow them to return again once they have obtained complete documentation.

“Why must the home ministry and the Sabah government insist on giving those illegal immigrants in Sabah the PSS?

“How is it that Peninsular Malaysia can come up with a different plan?”

Jamain said the Philippine government had also organised a mobile consular service around Sabah to provide Filipinos in Sabah with proper papers.

“The present government should give more assistance to the Philippines embassy in Malaysia on this effort and, at the same time, resolve Sabah’s long-standing illegal immigrant woes.”

Jamain said he believed the PSS would only allow the existing illegal immigrants in Sabah to continue staying in Sabah for a longer period.

Eventually, their large population will bring more problems to Sabah in terms of sovereignty and native rights, he added.