Cambodia urges Malaysia to expedite anti-human trafficking agreement

Cambodia is hesitant on allowing its citizens to work as maids in Malaysia until Putrajaya signs an anti-human trafficking agreement. (AFP pic)

PETALING JAYA: The Cambodian government has urged Putrajaya to expedite the signing of an anti-human trafficking memorandum of understanding (MoU) to ensure the protection of its citizens in Malaysia especially those working as domestic helpers.

Khmer Times reports that both countries agreed on the MoU in 2012 but it has been on hold since then.

Cambodia’s women’s affairs ministry has cited “political problems” in Malaysia for the delay.

“The MoU is very important for both countries and it will protect Cambodian maids from human and labour trafficking if it is signed,” the ministry was quoted as saying.

It said the Cambodian government was hesitant on allowing more maids to be sent to Malaysia until the agreement was made official.

In January 2018, Cambodia announced that it was lifting a ban on sending maids to Malaysia after discussions with then human resources minister Richard Riot.

In 2011, Cambodia imposed a moratorium on its citizens working as maids in Malaysia after reports of abuse by employers were received.