Sarawak rep’s sons linked to timber firm in South Pacific scandal

Two sons of Dudong assemblyman Tiong Thai King were listed as shareholders in a company forced out of the Solomon Islands. (Facebook pic)

PETALING JAYA: Sarawak assemblyman Tiong Thai King’s sons and his family have been linked to a Malaysian logging company that was reportedly forced out of the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific for various offences.

Tiong, a member of SUPP, represents Dudong in the state assembly. His sons were named by the Sarawak Report blog as being shareholders in the company, Gallego Resources, which is said to be a subsidiary of the Rimbunan Hijau timber conglomerate group owned by the Tiong family.

Sarawak Report cited a report in National Geographic which said Gallego had been operating with a licence awarded for a neighbouring area while failing to fulfil necessary requirements, breaching various rules and regulations.

The National Geographic report said the Solomon Islands environment ministry had issued a stop-work notice in August 2018, although the company only fully halted operations later in the year, withdrawing its workers and machinery.

Tiong’s sons, named as Chiong Hee and Chiong Yong, were listed with one Wong Hook Ping as shareholders of Gallego, which was also linked to another Rimbunan Hijau firm, Mafrica Corporation Sdn Bhd.

“The Tiong sons are involved in a number of Rimbunan Hijau-owned companies in Malaysia and elsewhere along with their politically exposed father,” Sarawak Report said.

Tiong was a four-term MP for Lanang from 1995-2013. He won the Dudong state seat in the 2016 Sarawak elections. He is the younger brother of billionaire tycoon Tiong Hiew King, the founder of Rimbunan Hijau, who is listed at No. 21 on the 2019 Forbes list of 50 richest Malaysians, with a net worth of US$860 million (RM3,500 million).

FMT is seeking a response from Tiong and his family.