Fear and worry at Menara City One over Covid-19 screening procedure

The residents at Block A of Menara City One at the late-night screening by health authorities last night.

PETALING JAYA: Menara City One residents are complaining about screening procedures at the condominium, which is under lockdown, saying health workers did not practise the right guidelines during a last-minute screening last night.

A resident in Block B, who wanted to remain anonymous, said health ministry staff began conducting the screening at 9.40pm at Block A after notifying the residents just 40 minutes earlier.

The residents were instructed to proceed to the open area downstairs, which he said was not the norm, as they were previously asked to be tested floor by floor.

“They’re not following the procedure. They’re not practising social distancing. Even when you complain to them, they don’t take it seriously.

”The lifts are overcrowded. They are supposed to carry four people at one time but it looks like there are 10 people inside,” he told FMT, adding that Block B was set to be screened today.

The resident said the late-night screening made it difficult for senior citizens and families with young children, with many worried about the crowd as there were between 200 and 300 people in the open area.

The health workers left the condominium at 12.40am, he said, with some residents refusing to be tested due to fears of getting infected because of the crowd.

A lift crammed with passengers at Block A of Menara City One.

It was the third time that the residents had been screened, but he said the procedure was the worst.

“The first time was not as bad. After some complaints were made to the health ministry, the second time was much more organised. But this is the worst.

“It’s very bad. By doing this they risk spreading the virus even more,” he said.

FMT has contacted the health ministry for a response.

Authorities ordered a lockdown of Menara City One near Jalan Masjid India in Kuala Lumpur after 17 Covid-19 cases were reported from the condominium.

It was the third area declared as coming under the enhanced movement control order (EMCO), after Simpang Renggam in Johor and Sungai Lui in Selangor.

The EMCO has affected 3,200 residents in 502 units as well as business premises located in the building.

The condominium unit has recorded 51 positive Covid-19 cases so far.


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