IGP must take action against Mufti for kafir harbi death sentence


from: Ravinder Singh, via email

The Pahang mufti, Abdul Rahman Osman, has as good as passed a religious death sentence on people he deems kafir harbi, even though hudud is not implemented yet. What will happen if hudud gets implemented? Has he got legal authority and impunity to do so?

Is he God to label people kafir harbi just because these people don’t agree with him and others like him who are clamouring for hudud to be implemented for political reasons?

Dear mufti, if hudud is the law of God, why has it got to be drafted by human beings? Why has it got to be tabled in Parliament to be approved by human beings?

The mufti cannot be blind to the fact that many well learned and highly respected Muslims have come forward to say that they do not support the implementation of hudud. There are many ordinary Muslims who are also not in favour of hudud although they are unable to voice this out openly.

Then there are the non-Muslim parties and Ministers in the ruling coalition who do not support hudud. Why has he not labelled all these as kafir harbi as well?

Can anyone, hiding behind the facade of religion, issue directives to their followers to kill people with different opinions? Are they immune from the law?

Where is the rule of law if religious bigots can order the killing of fellow citizens at their whims? Could the IGP please tell us if this mufti has or has not committed any offence? Are the muftis now in charge of running the country?

What this mufti did is nothing short of what the ISIS is doing – ordering their followers to kill people, even Muslims, who do not follow the Islam of the ISIS. Looks like we don’t have to wait for ISIS fighters to return from the Middle East to start killing Malaysians.

A Sudan-born law expert Professor Dr Abdullahi A. An-Naim from Emory University based in Georgia, the US, who professed to be a Muslim, says Muslims have no obligation to support hudud as the Islamic criminal code is not mentioned in the Quran. He had challenged those claiming that the Quran required Muslims to support hudud as a religious obligation saying “Give me a Quranic text that gives this obligation”. No one seems to have answered his challenge.

All this demonising of those who do not support hudud has nothing to do with religion but is propaganda and campaigning for the next general election, for brainwashing takes time.

The IGP has a duty to take action against this mufti. What if some bigoted person takes this fatwa seriously and, believing he will go to heaven, goes on a killing spree? Must the IGP wait for this to become fait accompli before acting, as was reasoned in the case of a threat to slap someone in public?

Ravinder Singh is an FMT reader

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