The other group of Malaysians who destroyed the nation

There is another category of Malaysians we should be concerned with – the businessmen, captains of industries, socialites, singers, actresses and religious scholars.

For genuine change to take root in this country, I think these “Malaysians of substance” must change too.

We can’t pretend it is only corrupt politicians that have caused damage to this country. Sometimes it is the elites of society who cause greater damage.

Business people are ever ready to intoxicate our politicians with ideas that accrue benefits to themselves. Ideas like devious projects which make them lots of money but give no benefit to the people. Ideas like coming up with sophisticated financing schemes to entice the government to commit but eventually the burden will fall on the people.

Then we have another category of influencers such as actresses, singers, religious scholars, and other socialites who are ever ready to heap praise on our political masters in power. They sing praises more to gain favours for themselves than to further the cause of this nation.

These business people and socialites are the masters of survival. They will reap benefits “both ways”. They have no principle, no right or wrong, and no shame. All they have is to butter the power of the day.

They crowded around the previous administration, declaring their unequivocal support but ignoring the elephant in the room.

However, the moment power changed hands, their allegiance changed in tandem, without an iota of conscience or guilt manifesting. I am quite sure they are now working very hard on the new administration, with the same vigour to gain favour just like what they did with the previous administration.

Politicians, especially the young and inexperienced ones, are not ipso facto bad or corrupt. Sometimes they just get intoxicated by people around them. Socialites and business people are often too “sophisticated” to be kept at bay. They will find the way to corrupt our politicians. Time to be wary of them.

Soon, many will be focusing on making money out of 1MDB scandals, not the scandals itself.

TK Chua is an FMT reader.

The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of FMT.