Laveneishyan, the ‘Robot Kid’

From a young age, Laveneishyan knew that his dream was to join the Nasa Jet Propulsion Laboratory team and work on the new Mars mission. Now a certified robotics trainer in Singapore, he has his own company and gives talks, seminars and workshops all over the country.

Laveneishyan's interest in innovation and robotics began at the age of nine, when he first participated in the Dumex Science Challenge.These are the parts and tools needed to build a simple mobile robot. Mobile robots have a base which allows them to move about freely. Laveneishyan's Line Following Robot is an example of a more advanced mobile robot. Laveneishyan assembling and programming a Line Following Robot at his work station.Laveneishyan connecting the battery snap to a motor controller which will allow the robot to follow a line on a grid. Line Following Robots are usually used to carry children at shopping malls, homes or entertainment centres, or for carrying parcels in industries. Laveneishyan is developing his robot for the RBTX Challenge 2019. Laveneishyan showing his robot after completing the hardware installation. It is now ready to be programmed.The robot is programmed through Arduino IDE using C commands.Laveneishyan's robot is programmed to receive voice commands through a mobile application.Laveneishyan has also developed a robot that is able to detect the height of a plant. If the plant is taller than the target value, the robot will trim it to the desired height.Laveneishyan is a certified robotics trainer in Singapore.Laveneishyan with his father, B Mogan Balakrishnan. Mogan, a computer science teacher in Seremban, is Laveneishyan's inspiration and mainstay in pursuing his dreams.