Flashback: Old post offices of Malaysia

Pos Malaysia has done a good job in preserving a number of Malaysia’s old post offices, some of which date back a hundred years or more. While most of the large cities in Malaysia now have large, modern mail distribution centres and post offices, there are still a number of old post offices that can be considered heritage buildings.

In 2010, Pos Malaysia issued an attractive set of stamps featuring 28 post offices, mostly old ones.

The oldest surviving post office building in Malaysia is probably in Taiping. It was completed in 1884 and has recently been converted into the Telegraph Museum. The picture below was taken prior to its restoration.

The old general post office in Kuala Lumpur (completed in 1907) still stands although it has not been used as a post office since 1984. Ipoh and Kota Kinabalu also have old post office buildings which are over a century old but are now being used by other government departments.

The grandest post office building which is still being used for its original purpose is Kuching’s General Post Office, completed in 1932.

It proudly displays the Sarawak State motto, “Dum Spiro Spero”, meaning “While I breathe, I hope.”

Here are some arty images of more old post offices in the country.

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