Phang’s company did not win project, says Guan Eng


GEORGE TOWN: The firm of Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s former landlord, Phang Li Koon, did not win a tender to build a workers village on mainland Penang, the State Legislative Assembly heard today.

In reply to a question from Cheah Kah Peng (PKR-Kebun Bunga), Lim (DAP-Air Putih) said Phang’s company, Magnificent Emblem, failed in an open tender exercise for the project.

“Magnificent Emblem was not successful in the open tender to buy the said land for not complying with the Request for Proposal, and not as alleged by irresponsible quarters.

“The project was awarded to Weslite Dormitory (Penang-Juru) Sdn Bhd for offering the highest price,

“Only a piece of land in Juru was tendered out while the tender in Batu Kawan was not pursued,” Lim said.

Cheah had asked about the decision by the state executive council and the chief minister on the awarding of the workers’ village project.

Lim said the open tender system clearly worked in Penang, as only the highest bidder would win projects.

Several blogs have published a letter signed by Phang, indicating her company’s interest in building workers’ hostels in Batu Kawan and Juru.

The Nov 13, 2013, letter with the Magnificent Emblem letterhead was published in Raja Petra Kamaruddin’s Malaysia Today portal last month.

The letter was addressed to the Penang Development Corporation.

Phang has been linked to another issue too – the Taman Manggis government land sale. Phang had sold her Pinhorn Road bungalow to Lim last year.

Phang and Lim have denied any wrongdoing in the transaction of the bungalow. Phang has also denied any involvement in the government land sale.

Both are being investigated by the anti-graft authorities and the police.