Compulsory vaccinations for schoolchildren soon


KUALA NERANG: Vaccinations will be made compulsory for school students, education minister Mahdzir Khalid said today.

He said the education ministry is awaiting a full report from the health ministry on the matter before enforcing the policy this year or early next year.

A task force will be formed to get views from various parties including doctors and representatives of non-governmental organisations, which would later be presented to the Cabinet.

“I believe that it is important for the children to get vaccinations in order to curb the spread of serious illnesses that could endanger their lives,” he said. “However, we need to get the full report from the Health Ministry before we can bring the matter to the Cabinet,” he was quoted as saying.

Vaccination of children has been in the public eye since several children died of diphtheria, which is preventable by vaccination.

“If possible, we wish to make it mandatory for school students to get vaccinations by this year, or the latest by early next year,” said Mahdzir, according to NST Online.