Ali Abd Jalil says he’s now a PR of Sweden

ali-abdul-jalilPETALING JAYA: Student activist Ali Abd Jalil who fled the country back in 2014 to escape sedition charges, today said he has been granted Permanent Resident (PR) status in Sweden.

In a Facebook positing earlier today, Ali wrote in Malay: “Alhamdulillah, I have been granted Swedish PR status. My request for asylum has been granted. Thank you Sweden for the PR status, I love Sweden so much.

“If I am evil, Sweden will not give me PR status. Thanks to my parents, siblings and all those who prayed for me. To the haters and critics, thanks for your ideas and healthy criticism.”

Ali fled to Sweden two years ago after he was hauled up for criticising the Johor monarchy. Amnesty International Sweden reportedly took him under their wing and advised him on the legal process of obtaining political asylum.

Back in September 2014, he was arrested, released and re-arrested, for mocking the Johor Sultanate and calling for the state’s monarchy to be abolished.

Following his flight to Sweden and his continuous scathing remarks against the Malaysian monarchy, the Immigration Department announced the revocation of Ali’s passport.