Selangor exco: Changes will be made to house of worship guidelines


PETALING JAYA: Selangor exco member Teng Chang Khim says certain sections of the Selangor Manual Guidelines and Selangor Planning Standard regarding the building of non-Muslim houses of worship need to be changed or deleted.

He told Sin Chew Daily today that his officer was supposed to make the changes but had failed to do so.

The third edition of the guidelines was issued on Jan 1 and was supposed to make the instructions in the earlier second edition clearer.

Teng said he would be meeting groups representing non-Muslim houses of worship every month and all problems arising from these new guidelines would be sorted out.

Teng said among the “controversial” guidelines include the requirement for these houses of worship not to be present in commercial areas or be at least 50 metres from the nearest Muslim home.

Those situated in residential areas occupied by all races must obtain the permission of residents within 200 metres of the house of worship. The structure must also not be taller than the mosques nearby.