Police confirm case of assault, vandalising outside surau

Kamarulzaman-masjidPETALING JAYA: Johor police have confirmed a case of assault outside a surau in Austin Perdana, Johor today.

In the incident, two passengers in a car were confronted by a group of people who assaulted one of them while others in the group vandalised the vehicle.

Johor CID chief Senior Assistant Commissioner Kamarulzaman Mamat said the incident took place at 1.30pm after Friday prayers.

“The cause of the misunderstanding was due to congestion and obstruction of traffic around the vicinity of the surau which made it difficult for one car driver to pass through.

“The man honked continuously and this angered several others who were at the surau for prayers. This led to several individuals vandalising the car and assaulting the driver,” he said in a statement today.

A video of the incident showed a man driving a white Toyota Camry honking continuously because his vehicle was blocked by other cars parked outside the mosque.

A group of people later confronted the driver, while striking at and kicking his vehicle as another was seen hitting the driver repeatedly with a red traffic cone as others called for calm.

Kamarulzaman said police however managed to restore order upon arriving at the scene.

All those involved in the incident, including surau committee members were ordered to report to the police station for a meeting, he said, adding that all parties agreed to leave the matter to the police and not let any third party interfere.

The police also urged members of the public to refrain from making the video of the incident go viral and to allow the authorities to investigate the matter in a transparent manner.

“We are also warning people not to use the incident to disrupt public harmony or interfere in the police investigation,” he said, adding that cooperation and understanding were key towards maintaining harmony among the various races in the country.