Dr Mahathir only person who can beat Najib, says Zaid

Zaid-MahathirPETALING JAYA: Zaid Ibrahim continues to throw his support behind Dr Mahathir Mohamad being named as the prime minister designate by the opposition prior to the next general election (GE14).

This, he said, is necessary, because Barisan Nasional (BN) is now stronger than ever, especially with PAS throwing their weight behind Umno.

“PAS is now with the BN, and the dynamics have changed from that of GE13. BN are stronger now than before.

So, this calls for a totally different approach in dealing with issues at GE14,” Zaid said at a speech entitled “Turning adversity to victory”, which he presented at a DAP fundraising dinner at the Tropicana Golf Resort yesterday.

“Unless we are willing to pitch this election as a contest of ideas about the future of the country, as well as a contest between two warring personalities – Najib and Mahathir – there will not be enough excitement (for the voters) to change the status quo.”

Zaid also admitted that his frank views about the prospect of victory (or lack thereof) for the Pakatan Harapan, often didn’t sit well with leaders from DAP, which he joined in February this year.

“But DAP is a party of ideas and I know they will not ‘penalise’ me even when they disagree with what I say,” he said, referring to the DAP leaders present, including Lim Kit Siang and Liew Chin Tong.

Zaid, who is a former minister, also took particular aim at two of DAP’s Pakatan allies, namely PKR and PPBM, for not recognising the need to break ties with PAS completely.

“If PKR and some elements in PPBM are still having difficulty going alone without PAS, what reformist agenda do they have?

“If they still want to work with PAS to win this election, what’s the difference between them and BN?” he said, warning Pakatan leaders against jockeying for the PM’s post.

He reiterated that only Mahathir had the credentials and proven track record to take on Najib, as the former prime minister was the better leader when it came to managing the economy and taking good care of the people.

“Mahathir is also a leader who can keep Malaysia Taliban free,” Zaid said, adding he will bring credibility to the team.

“If he says abolish GST, or has plans to bring prices of goods down, and manage the economy better, or if he promise to put the thieves behind bars, he will be believed.

“The important thing is the people believe him.”

Mocking opposition leaders for simply saying it would be easy to find a leader who is better than Najib, Zaid said “they are 20 million Malaysians who are better than Najib”.

“But what we are looking for is someone who can beat him and BN this coming election.

“Only Mahathir can beat him.”