Afdlin blames Rosyam for not handling slapping incident well

afdlin-roshamPETALING JAYA: Multi-talented Malaysian celebrity Afdlin Shauki blames moderator Rosyam Nor for mishandling last night’s scuffle between two artistes during the National Transformation 2050 (TN50) dialogue for the entertainment industry.

Taking to Instagram to voice his criticism, he said not only did Rosyam not handle the situation well, the whole country heard him say to Prime Minister Najib Razak that popular film producer David Teo is “memang kurang ajar” (definitely rude).

Afdlin said instead of making the situation worse, Rosyam should have just apologised for the childish behaviour of his fellow artistes.3e8bd7b1-cb81-4225-afeb-3566cc9a8865

He said such embarrassing behaviour would surely shed a bad light on people from the entertainment industry.

However, he praised Najib for keeping his cool when the scuffle broke out.

“He was relaxed, under control, with many bodyguards and SB (Special Branch police) there to control the situation.”

Afdlin’s post was accompanied by a video of two “little people” boxing in a ring.

The incident took place at Seri Perdana, Putrajaya, between actor Sulaiman Yassin, more popularly known as Mat Over, and well-known Metrowealth Pictures film producer and CEO David Teo.

Najib was answering questions from artistes, while standing on a circular raised platform, with director-actor Rosyam acting as moderator for the session.

At one point, Teo took over the mike and criticised Rosyam for allegedly overlooking those seated at the back when it came to being given a chance to speak at the dialogue.

Following this, Sulaiman strode across the hall and slapped Teo. Security personnel quickly separated the two and led them away before they could come to blows.

Immediately after the incident, Rosyam said he was embarrassed and personally apologised to Najib.

Teo said he was not planning any legal action against Sulaiman and had already forgiven the actor for the incident.

Sulaiman however said he had no regrets slapping Teo as he claimed Teo’s attitude was disrespectful towards the prime minister and Rosyam as the moderator.

“As a Malaysian, we should by right have manners and respect,” he said.