Provide police guard for witness in Penang assault case, urges DAP


GEORGE TOWN: The family of a victim in last Friday’s assault which rendered T Nhaveen, 18, brain dead wants security at the Penang Hospital beefed up over concerns of an imminent gangster attack.

Deputy Chief Minister II P Ramasamy said the family of T Previin, 19, who was warded for serious injuries to his face, is worried that “underworld” gangs might come after him.

Ramasamy said this was because Previin could give damning evidence as to what had happened in the assault.

“I have written to the Penang Hospital director and the chief police officer (CPO) to provide an armed guard for Previin.

“There is fear that the assailants have gang connections and might harm Previin so that he keeps his mouth shut.

“I have also written to the CPO, urging that the case be classified as murder as Nhaveen is brain dead. That is as good as dead,” Ramasamy told FMT.

He said the incident was the result of a bad bullying habit which had continued into adulthood.

“This case is a byproduct of a school system.

“The education officials have not taken initiatives to tackle gangsterism and bullying from the get-go, which festers into adulthood. It is unfortunate.”

Previin is currently in the open men’s ward at the Penang Hospital. He is receiving treatment for injuries to his face, cheeks and right eye.

He is expected to undergo surgery on his eye tomorrow.

On June 9, Nhaveen and Previin, who worked as promoters at Aeon Queensbay, had returned home in Gelugor after completing their night shift.

After stopping for a bite at a burger shop near their home, they were harassed by two other youths on a motorcycle. The two youths have since been identified as their former schoolmates.

The youths teased Nhaveen for being effeminate, but he remained unperturbed.

An irritated Previin told The Star he had asked them to stop, raising his hand as if to give a slap.

The youths saw this as a threat and called three others for backup. They took Nhaveen to a field on Jalan Kaki Bukit, about five minutes away, where they allegedly tortured him.

They bashed Nhaveen with crash helmets and were also alleged to have inserted a bottle or a stick into his anus.

Previin, on the other hand, ran away before three others arrived and avoided being abducted as well.

The five youths were arrested for rioting.

However, police said they would recommend that the case be investigated under Section 377CA of the Penal Code, which refers to sexual penetration by an object into the vagina or anus of another without consent.

The section provides a minimum five-year prison term and a maximum 30-year jail term, with the accused liable to face whipping as well.