Guan Eng: Teachers must be held responsible, even outside school gates

Lim-Guan-EngGEORGE TOWN: It’s time to extend the responsibility of teachers and staff even beyond the school gates, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said following a spate of bullying cases leading to deaths.

He said schools should have a “paper trail” of every single bullying case and how it was followed up. Lim said this way, every single instance of bullying could be tracked.

Lim said for starters, teachers and school staff must keep a close eye on students, for every single bruise sustained on their bodies.

“When things happen outside the school grounds they say its nothing to do with them (school authorities). These cases happen outside the school grounds.

“I hear there are police officers assigned to each school. The school authorities must report to the police officer assigned and later they can justify what action needs to be taken.

“But what is more obvious is a lack of a system to record instances of bullying in schools,” Lim said, when met outside assault victim T Nhaveen’s wake at Batu Gantong here.

Earlier, Lim and his state executive council members paid their last respects to Nhaveen and gave an undisclosed cash contribution to the family.

Lim said there should be a standard operating procedure (SOP) for handling school bullying cases.

“The SOP puts the school in full responsibility for their students. Then they are compelled to report incidences to the police.

“Once they are compelled to report to police, then we can find out why there was no action taken earlier.

“There must be a paper trail, so then the school can be held responsible if no action was taken,” he said.