PKR Youth challenges Khairy to debate on ‘old leaders’

Afif-Bahardin-Khairy-Jamaluddin-1GEORGE TOWN: A PKR leader has challenged Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin to a debate on who should “retire” from politics, following the minister’s remarks that opposition leaders had promoted the politics of hate and should retire to make way for new blood.

PKR Youth deputy chief Dr Afif Bahardin said the debate would be titled “Siapa Patut ‘Bersara’: Najib, Anwar, Mahathir atau Lim Kit Siang?” (Who should “retire”: Najib, Anwar, Mahathir or Lim Kit Siang?).

Afif said Khairy could pick a date, time and location for the debate, but if he was “not brave enough” to take up the debate challenge, he should nominate another BN leader to defend Najib.

“The reality is, the politics of hate is a tactic used by Umno and BN all this while. Khairy must understand that Umno is merely continuing the divide and rule policy by the colonial masters all this while.

“We strongly condemn the statement by Khairy for accusing Anwar Ibrahim, Mahathir Mohamad and Lim of apparently causing politics of hate and splitting the community,” Afif said.

At a function yesterday, Khairy had asked PPBM chairman, Mahathir; PKR leader, Anwar; and DAP adviser, Lim, to retire and pave the way for younger leaders to take over.

“I do not mean that when we want the people to unite, they all should support Barisan Nasional, but we do not want a situation like today where politics in the country is filled with animosity, hatred and incitement, all created by these three politicians.”

Khairy, who is also youth and sports minister, said Mahathir and Anwar, both former Umno leaders, were seen attempting to divide the Malays to achieve their own vested interests, while Lim was trying to create a rift between the Malays and Chinese.

In response, Afif said: “Anwar, Mahathir and Lim are principled leaders who want to restore the country’s path and vision and save Malaysia from destruction.”